1. the process of projecting an image onto a screen

2. the attribution of one’s own desires, images and feelings onto something.

Like Rorschach’s Inkblots, clouds are visual forms that easily accept associations and projections. Time in the Clouds is an invitation to let your imagination play with what you see.

You might also enjoy scrolling down to the graffiti on the wall in the lounge. Or, time spent wondering why Jellyfish Flowers.

Collage of clouds and a clock, a mixed media piece by Beth Gallup
Time in the Clouds, Acrylic, Paper on Paper, 16″ x 20″ (Sold)
Two chairs facing a wall decorated with newsprint
Note to Self, Acrylic, Newsprint on Canvas, 12″ x 12″
Jellyfish Flowers, Acrylic on Canvas, 16″ x 20″