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Knows how to make ideas come alive. Employs strategy, curiosity, organization, tenacity and enthusiasm to help her clients achieve success. Serial entrepreneur.

Fascinated by user experience writ large: how people and technology intersect and interact.

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Life so far

Born in Calgary. Played in Banff. Attended board meetings in Bangkok. Walked to Santiago de Compostela. Watched the world flow by out the window of a #vanagonfriend.

Known for

Being passionate about colour. Owning fast cars. Her own, single-question version of the Gallup poll.


Honours Thesis: windsurfing subcultures. BA with Distinction in Sociology. MBA in New Venture Development. Further studies at the European Summer School for Advanced Management.

Favourite work pastimes

Executive-in-Residence for KAST and for New Ventures BC

What her clients say

"Beth combines hyper-creativity and analytical ability in the most unusual way. She is full of ideas, often surprises and always delivers!"

As an emerging artist

Beth’s work is imagination: a bird bathing in a martini glass; mustard dancing in ketchup; a curiously reoccurring line of C++ code haunting an old computer screen. She builds thin layers of acrylic on canvas, uses colour, light and collage to reflect mood and thematic undertones. Drawn to narratives with a spark of humour, she introduces something new into everyday scenes.

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View Beth's LinkedIn profile. Phone 250-423-4619. Send an email. See her art

As a management consultant, Beth helps companies and communities innovate. Under the Sun is also Beth’s outlet for creative direction, skill in building strong brands and ability to work with people to develop effective start-up, scale-up or succession plans.

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